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Name: Nathalie
Email: nathalieponga@gmail.com
Country: Cook Islands
Postcode: 0000

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Request ID: VEK8mU

Configurator: Configurator Nissan – NAVARA

Product: Navara

User Selections:

  • Base Price$0.00
  • Exterior$7,231.00
    • Vehicle ColourTwilight Grey
    • GrillePRO4X Grille
    • FlaresNavara 2021 RVE Flare Kit- Two tone Matte Black inner with Black Star outer $1,481.00
    • FlaresFlare AccentHot Red Flare Accent
    • Wheels & TyresTyresDefault All Terrain 265/50R20 (set of 4 fitted) 20 inch$1,502.00
    • Tray AccessoriesSport BarsSports Bar RVE Extended #RSBV2EXTB460$2,515.00
    • Colour CodingColour coding- any colour- includes grille suround and colour coded 4 x door handles – rear tailgate handle and front/rear centre badges$1,249.00
    • Decals & BadgesBumper Accents DecalsBumper Accents- Hot Red $249.00
    • AccessoriesGenuine Weather shields – Slimline $235.00
  • Interior$5,939.00
    • SeatsSPORT Seat Monza Interior Upgrade with OEM spec leather$4,187.00
    • SeatsSPORT Seat Monza Interior Upgrade with OEM spec leatherMain StitchingSilver
    • Steering WheelMonza Designer Custom Steering Wheel; Leather colour choices – Stitching colour choice.(Exchange)$1,752.00
  • Default$0.00
    • SW

Total Price$13,170.00

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