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Details are as follows:

Name: Martin Nunes
Email: martin@farmerautovillage.co.nz
Country: New Zealand
Postcode: 3110

Dealer (Car dealer ‘Get ready’ processing only)

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Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Colour:
Sales Person:
Order Number:

Mobile: 02102450891
Receive Newsletter: Yes
Name your Design and Notes:

Request ID: Ulgn0n

Configurator: Configurator Nissan – NAVARA

Product: Navara

User Selections:

  • Base Price$0.00
  • Exterior$6,281.00
    • Vehicle ColourPRO4X Stealth Grey
    • GrillePRO4X Grille
    • FlaresFactory Pro4X Flares (Not available for aftermarket fitment)
    • Colour CodingPRO4X Colour Coding Kit
    • Decals & BadgesPRO4X
    • AccessoriesPRO4X Roof Racks
    • Tray AccessoriesLidsMANUAL Roller Shutter Lid – supply only part # MLNSNA21$4,069.00
    • Tray AccessoriesSport BarsSports Bar RVE Extended #RSBV2EXTB460$2,212.00
  • Interior$3,781.00
    • SeatsFactory Style Interior upgrade with OEM spec leather$3,781.00
    • SeatsSPORT Seat Monza Interior Upgrade with OEM spec leatherMain StitchingSilver
    • Steering WheelStandard Steering Wheel
  • Default$0.00
    • SW

Total Price$10,062.00

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