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Details are as follows:

Name: Testing
Email: i333.freelancer@gmail.com
Country: Afghanistan
Postcode: 30303030

Dealer section

Sold to: asdfadfaf
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Colour: asdfasfadsf
VIN/SIDO: asdfadsf
Sales Person: adsfadsf
Order Number: 20065065065a

Receive Newsletter: Yes
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Request ID: plXOr2

Configurator: Ford Ranger XLT – RVE (DEFAULT)

Product: Ford Ranger XLT – RVE (Default)

User Selections:

  • Base Price$0.00
  • Interior$0.00
    • SeatStandard Seats
    • SeatSPORT Seat Monza Interior Upgrade with OEM spec leatherMain StitchingDefault
    • Steering WheelStandard Steering Wheel
  • Exterior$0.00
    • Vehicle ColourTrue Red

Total Price$0.00

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