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Name: Kraig
Email: kraig@takingcareoffitness.co.nz
Country: New Zealand
Postcode: 0882

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Mobile: 021753779
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Request ID: Gtw8TV

Configurator: Ford Ranger 2022

Product: Ford Ranger XLT – RVE (2022)

User Selections:

  • Base Price$0.00
  • Interior$5,351.00
    • SeatFactory Style Interior upgrade with OEM spec leather$3,511.00
    • SeatSPORT Seat Monza Interior Upgrade with OEM spec leatherMain StitchingDefault
    • Steering WheelMonza Designer Sports Steering Wheel; Leather colour choices or charcoal Suede – Stitching colour choice.(Exchange-default: black with silver stitching and graphite 12 o'clock mark)$1,840.00
    • Steering WheelMonza Designer Custom Steering Wheel; Leather colour choices – Stitching colour choiceTop & BottomSteering Wheel Top & BottomNappa Leather Alfa Red
  • Vehicle Model & Colour$0.00
    • Ranger XLTAluminium Metallic
  • Exterior$12,570.00
    • Wheels & Tyres20 INCHTyresMaxxis Razr A/T 275/55R20 (set of 4 fitted) 20 inch$2,245.00
    • Wheels & Tyres20 INCHWheelsRedBack Satin Black Alloys (set of 4 fitted) 20 inch$2,074.00
    • FlaresSmooth FlaresRanger 22+ Smooth Mattcoat Flares – 47mm – Aluminium Silver$2,192.00
    • Colour CodingColour coding- Matte black; all chrome parts $1,340.00
    • Window TintWindow Tints Blackout 5% light Penetration- Side and Rear Windows$650.00
    • Tray AccessoriesLidsMANUAL Roller Shutter Lid $4,069.00

Total Price$17,921.00

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